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Elise A. DeVido

Elise A. DeVido, a native of New Jersey, USA,  has a B.A. (cum laude) in History from Cornell University and obtained her Masters in Regional Studies-East Asia and her doctorate in History and East Asian Languages at Harvard University. She teaches at St. Bonaventure University in New York after teaching for many years at National Taiwan Normal University and other universities in Taiwan.

She has published a book on Taiwan’s Buddhist Nuns (SUNY Press, 2010) and co-edited a volume (with Benoît Vermander) entitled Creeds, Rites, and Videotapes: Narrating Religious Experience in East Asia (Variétés Sinologiques, No. 93, Taipei Ricci Institute, 2004).

Dr. DeVido has published articles on Buddhist women and gender in Taiwan’s Buddhism; the Chinese Buddhist Revival; the Vietnamese Buddhist Revival; and the origins of Engaged Buddhism. She is currently researching the life and Buddhist heritage of Thich Quang Duc, the “burning monk of Saigon.” She is also working on the Xu biqiuni zhuan [Lives of the Buddhist Nuns, Continued] (1939), only the second compilation of Buddhist nun biographies ever published in China.

Yoshitsugu Sawai

After my graduation from the Department of Religious Studies of Tenri University, I joined the Department of Religious Studies, the Graduate School of Tohoku University in Japan. As soon as I joined the Ph.D. program of Tohoku University, I joined the graduate school of Harvard University and obtained my Ph.D. degree (History of Religion) at Harvard in 1984. Later in 1984, I returned to Tenri University as a faculty member. At present, I am a professor of the History of Religions at the Department of Religious Studies of Tenri University in Japan.

In the academic world of religious studies, I was the President of the Japan Association of Religion and Ethics and at present, I am the advisor of this Association. Moreover, I am a director of the Japanese Association for Religious Studies and also the Chair of the International Committee, the Japanese Association for Religious Studies.

Jordan Paper

U of Chicago BA 1960; Divinity School & Oriental Institute, U of Chicago 1960-63; U of Wisconsin (Madison) 1963-67 (Stanford U – Taipei 1965-66), Ph.D. 1971.

Ass’t Prof. History, Indiana State University, 1967-72; Assoc. & full Prof., Religious and East Asian Studies, York University, 1972-2004 (Visiting Prof., Providence University, Taichung, 1973-74); Fellow, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria, 1999-present.

100+ peer-reviewed publications (including 12 books) in religious and Chinese studies.

Former: President, North American Society for the Study of Religion; Executive (various positions), Canadian Society for the Study of Religion; Group Chair, American Academy of Religion; International Committee, International Association for the Study of Religion (IAHR); special delegate, IAHR to TARS.

Rob Weller

Robert P. Weller is Professor and Chair of Anthropology and Research Associate at the Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs at Boston University.  His most recent book is Ritual and Its Consequences: An Essay on the Limits of Sincerity (Oxford 2008, co-authored with A. Seligman, M. Puett, and B. Simon).  Other recent books include Discovering Nature: Globalization and Environmental Culture in China and Taiwan (Cambridge 2006), which explores the introduction of new ways of thinking about humanity and nature in 20th-century China and Taiwan, and Alternate Civilities: Chinese Culture and the Prospects for Democracy (Westview 1999), which looks at the role of Chinese culture in democratization.

Fabienne Jagou

Ph.D. in History, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, May 1999.

Honored with the Price of the Taiwanese-French Foundation for Education and Culture in 2000.

Director, Taipei centre of the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient, Academia Sinica, Institute of History and Philology, from December 2001 to August 2007.

Teach at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris, 2008-2010

Teach at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lyon, since 2010

Huimin Bhikshu

Name: Huimin Bhikshu  
The year of bhikshu ordination: 1979
Nationality: Taiwan, Republic of China

Doctor of Letter, University of Tokyo, Japan, 1992
M.A., University of Tokyo, Japan, 1989
B.Ph., Department of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical College, Taiwan, ROC, 1975

Present Positions
President, Dharma Drum Buddhist College, Taiwan, ROC (DDBC) (assumed position 2007)
Professor, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei(TNUA), Taiwan, ROC (assumed position 1998)
Abbot, Seeland Monastery, Taiwan, ROC (from 1998),
Director, Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA), Taiwan, ROC (from 1998)

Acting President, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC (from 2006/1/25-2006/7/31)
Dean of Academic Affairs, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC (from 2000-2006)
Vice Director, Dharma Drum Mountain Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, Taipei(CHIBS), Taiwan, ROC (1994-2007)
Chairperson of the department of Humanity, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC (2000~2006)
Dean of Student Affairs, National Institute of the Arts, (1994/09-1997/10)
Visiting Scholar, Institute for the Study of Buddhist Literature, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, (1992/02-1992/04)

A Study of the Meditative Object of Shravakabhumi. Tokyo: Sankibo Press. 1993.
Dharma Drum Publishing Corp. 1997.
Meditation and Life. Taipei County: Seeland Publishing Corp.1997.
Vinaya and Meditation. Taipei: Dharma Drum Publishing Corp. 1999.   Etc.

Shih, Chao-hwei

Shih, Chao-hwei is a Professor at Hsuan Chuang University. She also serves as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the university.

Chao-hwei Born in Yangon, Myanmar, 1957, has made widely-acclaimed contributions such as the legislation of “Vesak Day a National Holiday” , “Wildlife Conservation Act,” and “Animal Protection Act”. Moreover, the “Abolishment of the Eight Precepts for Nuns (attha garu-dhamma)” she initiated in 2001, addresses a core Buddhist gender ethics issue.

When the Legislature passed a bill allowing “economically disadvantaged regions” to legalize casinos, she was elected the Director of the Coalition Against Gambling in Taiwan and associated many NGOs to put up a strong resistance on this evil policy. At last the Against Gambling movement successfully win A referendum on whether or not to build casinos in Penghu Island On September 26, 2009.

Up to June, 2006, she has written and published twenty-five books and over fifty research papers.

Her continuous dedication goes with her service as the conductor of Hong-Shih Buddhist College, the director and founder of the Research Centre for Applied Ethics at Hsuan-Chuang University. For her outstanding performance in cultural discussions, she was awarded the 48th Chinese Literature and Arts Medal on May 4th, 2007. She also awarded the International Outstanding Women in Buddhism Medal on March 6th, 2009.

Chialuen Chen

Chialuen Chen is associate professor at College of General Education at Hungkuang University, Taiwan. Her sociological research interests include New Age Movement in Taiwan, globalization and Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan, Buddhism and environmentalism.

Chialuen Chen is associate professor at College of General Education at Hungkuang University of Taichung, Taiwan. Her area of specialization is the sociology of religion. She received her Ph.D. in sociology from National Taiwan University in 2002. Her dissertation focuses on the development of the New Age Movement in Taiwan. In addition to the research on Buddhist animal release, she also pursues the issues of the development of Taiwanese Buddhism under the influence of globalization, especially the Tibetan Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. Recently, she has begun the study of Buddhism and environmentalism in Taiwan.

Hsing-Kuang Chao


Associate Professor of education and coordinator of religious studies at Tunghai University. Dr. Chao received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Purdue University in 1995 and served as the chair of the department of sociology at Soochow University and the chair of graduate institute of religious studies at Tunghai University. His research has focus on the development of religious organization and social change, conversion studies, and Christian studies.

Chiang Tsan-Teng

Born in 1946, Tao yuan County people, Han Chinese. Institute of National Taiwan University, Doctor of History.

Current position: General Education Center, Northern Taiwan Institute of Technology professor.

Academic Expertise: History of Buddhism in Taiwan, the history of modern Chinese Buddhism, East Asian modern history of Buddhism and so on.

Related works: "History of Buddhism in Taiwan" (New York: Press, 2009), "Cultural History of Buddhism in Taiwan twentieth century" (Beijing: Religious Culture Press, 2010).

Academic Honors:
(1) of the first religious academic Golden Award.
(2) Second Prize for outstanding work in Taiwan literature winner.
(3) In 2000 was elected member of Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society.

Hui-chiao Wu

Current Position
1.Associate Professor/Managing Director of International Education and Management Science Foundation in Ming Chuan University.
2. CEO and director of Chan-Lin Culture Foundation.

Working  Experiences
‧ Secretary of Evergreen Group President Chang Yung-fa.
‧ General Manager of San-Cha-Tai Land Development Corporation.
‧ President of Alumni Association in Ming Chuan University
‧ Senator of Junior Chamber International and  vice president of Taipei Junior Chamber International.
‧ Instructor  of Taiwan's Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection Committee workshop.
‧ Supervisor of Taiwan Association of Realtors。
‧ Member of Ming Chuan University, Center for Art and Culture.
‧ Deputy Director of International Education Exchange in Ming Chuan University.
‧ Director of Continuing Education in Ming Chuan University

2009, Religious property and management in Taiwan, Taipei: Junjie Books
2006, A New Political Science, Taipei: Wen-Jing Books.
2005, Taiwan Religion Social Watch, Taipei: Tai Yuen Books

Chung, Yun-Ying

Professor& Chair, Dept. of Chinese Linguistic and Literature

Research Areas
Canons’ interpretation by popular religions in the Late Qing and Early Republican Periods 
The Great Learning
The doctrine of I-Kuan Tao


Tseng, Chih-Long

Education Background
Ph.D. (in Political Science), Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan.(2006)
M.A. (in Graduate Institute of European Studies), Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan.(1998)
B.A. (in Labor Relation), Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan.(1990)

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Department of Political Science, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan

Research Areas
Theories of Democracy
              Political Philosophy

Su Mei-wen


Su Mei-wen, the Ph. D. of Chinese literature in Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong, was born in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan and is now an associate professor in Center of General Education at China University of Science and Technology, Taipei. Interests of study are “female in the buddhism ” and “the gender in religion” in the recent years, and expect the arriving of the age of gender equality and all are the buddha.

The publications:
“Seven udumbara:Female zen masters in the Ming-Qing transitional period ”(Doctoral Dissertation、2007)
Zhang Taiyan's "Interpretations on "Chi-wu-lun""(Taipei:HUA-MU-LAN,2007)
“Lust Witch and Arhat Arya: Image Inquiry of Matavgi”,CHINESE STUDIES 28:1(Mar. 2010):225-262.
“Fu-Shih Female Zen: Zen Education and Gender Wisdom of Qi-yuan”,Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 15(Jun. 2008):139-204.
“Female Zen Masters Choir:The Textual Criticism and Explanations of Biographies of Baochi and Zhukuei ”, New Century Religious Studies 7:1(Sep.2008):93-146.
 “Bodhi Tree and the Revolutionary Monks—a Study on Monks and Revolution during the Transitional Period of Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China”,New Century Religious Studies 4:3(Mar. 2006):93-146.
“The Tao-ying of a Female Zen Master—a Study on the Image of Qi-Yuan Zen Master through Xie-Zhen and Ming-yan”, Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 10(Jul. 2005):235-286. And so on,many papers.

Evangelos Voulgarakis

Chih Lee Institute of Technology, and Hua Fan University, Taiwan Evangelos Voulgarakis (Ph.D., University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, 2003) specializes in symbols of national and religious heritage in modern times (the United States, Greece, Taiwan). He examines modern interpretations of ancient Greek democracy and drama for the purpose of social activism. Dr. Voulgarakis has worked on comparative religious rhetoric (Orthodox Christianity/Buddhism/Greek neo-Paganism) on femininity and national identity. His doctoral dissertation was on The Perception and utilization of symbols of American heritage by the United States neo-militia movement and its critics, and his MA (1996) was on the History of Propaganda and Persuasion, with a thesis on The 1988 US presidential elections, the media and the religious right. Since 1999, he has taught American and British History courses in the UK, and History of English Literature, Greek Mythology, and English Presentation and Speech in Taiwan, and is also a member of the editorial team of the Asia Journal of Global Studies (AJGS), the official journal of the Asia Association for Global Studies (AAGS).

Bei Dawei

Assistant professor in the foreign language department of Hsuan Chuang University (Hsinchu). Doctorates in philosophy (Unisa) and comparative religion (CIIS), masters degrees in international management (Thunderbird) and Central Eurasian Studies (Indiana). Specialties include Western esotericism, New Religious Movements, globalization, artificial languages, and meta-ethics. Currently working on a monographic survey of English fiction on Taiwan.


Curriculum Vitae
Name: Hsun CHANG
Education: Ph.D on Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley.
Work: Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica.
Specialty: Cultural anthropology, Religious anthropology, Medical anthropology.
Publication: Illness and Culture: Essays on the Folk Medicine in Taiwan (1994 second eition), Incense-Offering and Obtaining the Magical Power of Ch’I: The Matsu (Heavenly Mother) Pilgrimage in Taiwan.(Ph.D dissertation)Construction Mazu: Selected papers in Mazu Cult(2003), Marine Folklore and Belief: Mazu and Wanya(2010),

Park YoungHwan

Professor Young-Hwan Park, male, was born in Gyeongsan-gun, Gyeongsanbuk-do in Korea on Oct. 17th, 1960(lunar calendar).He was graduated from Chinese department of Dongguk University in Korea in Feb. 1987 and then went to Taiwan for postgraduate. After graduation from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and getting MA degree in Jul.1992, Prof. Park went to Beijing and graduated from Beijing University in Jul.1996 by obtaining a Ph. D. degree on Literature in Jul.1996. After studies aboard, Prof. Park came back to Korea and became a professor of Chinese Department at Dongguk University until now and is the former director at the Office of International Relations of Dongguk University. He is also a former international director of Zen Culture Research Society in Korea. Right now Prof. Park is holding concurrent-post at several universities at the same time: Visiting Researcher, Center of Asian Pacific Studies, Beijing University, China; Specially Recruited Researcher, Institute for Korea, Zhejiang University, China; Concurrent Professor, College of Chinese Ancient Civilization, Shanxi University , China; Visiting Researcher, Institute for Korea, Zhongshan University, China; Executive Director, The Chinese Association of Quyuan, China; Vice-Chairman, Academic Society of Eastern Asia's Comparative Culture, Korea; International Director, Chinese Study Society in Korea, Korea.

Prof. Park is mainly studying on Chinese Songs of the South(中國楚辭學), poetics of Song Dynasty(宋代詩學), literary theory of Song ynasty(宋代文學理論) and comparative cultural research between Korea and China. He has ever assumed 2 national projects independently and participated in 5 other national projects.

Prof. Park's published works at present are Research on Sushi's Zen Poems (《蘇軾禪詩研究》, China: 中國社?科?出版社,1995.11), To Understand China from a Cultural Perspective (《從文化角度了解中國》, Korea: East-Asia Publishing,2004.5), To Watch China and Japan from Cultural Korean Wave (《從文化韓流看中國與日本》, Korea: Dongguk university Press, 2008.12) etc. The works coauthored with others are The Poets and Poems of Song Dynasty (《宋代詩人與詩歌》, Korea: 亦?, 2005.11), Go a Classical Way (《走古典之路》, Korea: Akanet, 2007.2), etc. Translated and edited books are The Analects of Confucius (《論?》, Korea: ΣBOOKS, 2010.6), Thirty-Six Stratagems (Korea: ΣBOOKS, 2010.6) etc. Besides he has also huge amount of thesis's on Chinese poetics and culture like Research on Huang Tingjian and Jiangxi Poetry's Zen Poems(?庭堅與江西詩派的?詩研究), Wantang Poetry in the Early Period of Song dynasty and Nature(宋初晚唐體與自然), Reflection on Confucianism's Contemporary Representation in Korea(反思韓國儒家的當代表現), etc.

Tsai, Yuan-lin
  Tsai, Yuan-lin was born in Tainan, Taiwan, in 1963. He earned his Ph. D. in Religious Studies from Temple University and taught at the Department of Life and Death Studies and the Department of Religious Studies, Nanhua University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of  the Graduate Institute of Religious Studies, National Chengchi University and a Director of the Taiwan Association for Religious Studies.. His works cover a wide range of issues regarding Islamic studies, theories of religious studies, post-colonalism and religious education, and the Chinese translation of Edward W. Said’s Culture and Imperialism (2001).
Wu, Yung-Meng

Wu, Yung-Meng
President of the College of Pu An Faism
Professor Emeritus, National Open University

Chin-Seng Chen, Ph.D.

Current Position
President, Chung Jung Christian University(2003- )
President, The YMCA of Taiwan(2008- )
Chairman, Taiwan Christian Universities and Colleges Alliance (TaiCUCA) (2010- )
Vice President, Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA) (2010- )

Working  Experiences
Dean, College of Science, Tunghai University
Dean of R&D Office, Tunghai University
Chairperson, Department of Biology, Tunghai University
Senior technician, Taiwan Provincial Institute of Infectious Diseases
President, FAOMA
President, Chinese Pest Management Association

Education Background
(MS & PhD, National Taiwan University)
(BS, National Chung Hsin University)

(Post-doctor, UC Riverside)
Jung-Chang Wang

Name: Jung-Chang Wang
Nationality: Taiwan,
Ph. D, University of Lancaster, England, 2003
M.A., University of Lancaster, England, 1995
B.Th and M.Div., Department of Theology, Taiwan Theological College and Seminary, Taiwan, 1986
Present Positions
Chaplain, Aletheia University, Taiwan, 2009~
Assistant Professor, Department of religious Culture and Religion Management, Aletheia University, Taiwan, 2008~.
Pastor, Wushe Church, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, Taiwan, 1986~1994.
Researcher, Center of Traditional Religions and New Religious Movements, Taiwan, 2003.
Assistant Professor, Taiwan Theological College and Seminary, 2007.

Lee, Fong-Mao

Lee, Fong-Mao

Ph.D., National Chengchi University, Chinese Literature
M.A., National Chengchi University, Chinese Literature
B.A., National Normal Taiwan University, Chinese

Present Position:
College of Liberal Arts, National Chengchi University: Chair Professor
Department of Religious Studies, National Chengchi University: Professor
Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica: Joinly Appointed Research Follow
Council Member, Association for Chinese Classical Literature
Council Member, Taiwan Association for Religious Studies

Research Field:
Chinese Literature, Taoist Literature, Taoist Culture, Chinese Religion, Body Culture

Taiwan Association for Religious Studies
No.64, Sec. 2, ZhiNan Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City 11605, Taiwan R.O.C.
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